To the theory of everything

To whom the tulips can burn
Over the vast green in shadows
When the coal breathes like a horn
In the veins of the Earth core.
The mountains kneel before the sunrise
Under the dew betokens a soft blue sky
And the bees and the deers dream in the same language
Of airstream that kisses the leafage.
A thunderclap, a stampade, the silence reigns again
Crystal pearls savages the mouths
Further a horizon full of south.
To whom the violets groan
While the deers and the bees dream in the same light
While the trees and the birds foreknow we'll all be tides.
At the hours of the heat when the sound utters out
Matter plus matter, time over time
Many echoes, all over, rollout from so far.
At the hours of the freeze that cries with the rivers
The stars free blue bodies from reverie quivers.
This sun is so young yet not bloody bitter
Shall we escape with its light?
Shall we escape in the night?
But can you hear the scary upcoming whistles?
The echoes from far in space, time and matter,
The echoes of black holes blazing with clatter?:
Darkness eating glow and new brightness that flatters
Don't count them, just listen,
Don't escape: watch the glisten.
So many suns exploiding gallaxies underneath
Neither ends either begins!
Come here baby, sit nex to me,
The everything is unlimited, time is just the beat!

Bel Arxé Lu - Solace (ft. Hraïr Hratchian)