09112014 or the never ending wall fall

Non ce niente di più bello di vivere in un habitat di reciproche solidarietà
-Fabio Corcione

The wall fell but the world is still divided
The people came together but 
Equailty can't yet cross a lighten street
Liberty was named by the mouths around the ruins
And still
Poverty is picted by hungry mouths everywhere
Not only the stones must crack down
Ill-fated ideologies must do too
Berlin as a symbol of togethernes is inspiring
And still
Not enough
Germany debt relief is generous
And still
Not enough
While those who forgave it tie other people to the darkness
By creating new debts
New wars
New walls
While those who are safe with their families in home
Avoid standing up for others
Far away but here
Prisoners on Earth
In societies
Lost in a past
Supposedly overcame 
How fast war and postwar times are compared with simplicity 
To nowadays times
Maybe in order to
Demise the current and
Demise the past
Maybe traumas are the real wall persisting
In eurocentrist worldview, in elitist north american worldview
that are nor the whole Europe or the whole North America
A traumatized wall 
In conquerors straps
In silent pacts between governments and companies
Population and media
Maybe the comfortable lifestyle in some  territories is
Bluring the fact that an ostentatious wellness is only possible
Over a multitudinous shortage 
But we are all part of the same specie
Evolved from hunger, violence and love
Anyhow, in all territories people is jaded too
We are all sick and tired
Some oppressed, others bored, others aware
All sick and tired 
A somber is concealing the crimes that 
Media flashes and flushes all away
Now, more than ever, the people's silence is very dangerous
As political apathy is dangerous
As selfishness is mortal
Many of us will peter out soon
The five continents have outraged areas right now
And individuals lost in consumption 
Lost in the vanity of resources overexploitation
Involved in
Corrupted chambers
Slavery fields
Fiend armies
Supermarket parties
Fashion anorexic parades
Porn sets and brothels
Technological crimes
Go out everyday smiling without remorse
Individuals lost in the reason as the only human power
Go out seriously
Talking about art as entertainment
Talking about politics as gossip
And money as the basis of a pseudo aesthetics philosophy
Full of entropy
And no answers for the right to be done
There are no panaceas
No nostrum
No cure-all action
or pray
or demand
or reaction
But if the ill is common
It is a lil' bit good
The mother of a future poet suicides infront of him
Hell is 'round the corner
Maybe one day we stop promising poems
Maybe one day we'll touch the skinless
With deep tenderness
Stop the neglectful over the new borns
Stop inventing coins
Stop the assimilation of wars
Stop the lack of forgiveness
And remember that we become what we eat
Under the nought kiss we can foresee
If any of it really exist
The land of dreams is already in here.
Please, don´t be such an ass:
Keep away the masquerade
Keep yourself throughout the fire.

Ulver- Plate 14 from The Marriage between Heaven and Hell 
(sonorization of the William Blake's book).
In here just a passage:

"If the doors of perception were cleansed 
every thing would appear to man as it is. 
For man has closed himself up, 
till he sees things thro'
narrow chinks of his cavern"